amplicion de ingles

Updated: 3/23/2021
amplicion de ingles

Storyboard Text

  • Jenny have you pass the check in ?
  • Yes and I also pass the security check.
  • Fine ,how did it go ?
  • Good but I had a problem because I had a water bottle
  • Don't worry Jenny I understand you
  • I'm sorry Bryan it's just I had a bad day
  • They were screaming to everybody !
  • They are so angry and they aren't kind
  • I now they aren't the most kind people in the world
  • But you have to understand they do a lot of things and they're tired
  • That is not a reason to be bad with other people .
  • wake up early and have to wait two hours for my flight because of a delay
  • I'm also tired to do the check-in ,put my hand luggage in the scales
  • You can only pass liquids under 100 mililiters
  • Now I know but I was really scared because of the security