Updated: 2/23/2021

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  • *Maddie Arrives*
  • Hey! I'm so happy to finally have a family trip. Are you all ready? 
  • Maddie is arriving of the cinema in a few minutes, don’t worry.
  • Thanks Jenny! What’s up? Hey dad, why are you angry?
  • They are always late. I’m going to check what are they doing. Maybe they are watching amovie or playing videogames.
  • Where are Johnny and Trevor?
  • I’m not angry, I’m nervous but excited. If I was angry, I would have scolded you.
  • Packing some of their things, they will be ready in a moment.
  • If I had more money, I would buy more chocolate. I waste all my money in this trip, sorry.
  • Hey mom! Can I go buy some more chocolate? Trevor ate everything.
  • I told you mom; they were playing.
  • That’s not true mom. If I had eaten all the chocolate, I would have grown pimples.
  • Here are my baggages. Now I’m going to bring my chips that I bought yesterday for ourtrip
  • Yeah, it’s everything ok?
  • Why did you get nervous trevor? It’s everything ok?
  • Sure, it’s not like I ate Maddie’s chips or something.
  • Oh, come on, he stole my chips! If you were in my place, you would do the same thing.Mom, what do you think about it?
  • If I had slapped him, it would have been so different, because I’m his dad.
  • Mom! Dad! If your sons were more respectful with my things, we would be all right
  • What do you think you’re doing? You cannot hit your little brother.
  • I’m with Trevor... if you wouldn't buy that expensive thing, I wasn't paying debts now. Takecare of it, now put that iPad away and help me with this.
  • Mom, if you paid more attention to this situation and not to the iPad, you obviously wouldtake my side, I was hungry and the chips were in there.
  • Wait a minute, I’m busy with this.