Esther parable story

Updated: 4/14/2021
Esther parable story

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  • Thank you mom I love you too.
  • Mom I'm going to school.
  • Good bye Jaylen and remember you are worthy you are smart I love you .
  • I am worthy and smart .
  • We are going to start by giving you your homework back
  • Good morning mrs. Felisha
  • Good morning students
  • Jaylen a very smart boy that lives in a small neighborhood in the town of Aurora, since his father passed away in a car accident, he is considered a prodigy.
  • Why did I get a 89% on the homework
  • Trevor and I want a 100% or I'm going to take your necklace
  • I'm going to try to get you a 100% on the homework
  • Oh my God did you see that I'm so glad it's not me
  • Everyday Jaylen makes sure he repeats his mom's words in his mind to try feeling confident he became very shy after his father death he doesn't like talking to people.
  • Don't you think we should help him .
  • Are you crazy do you want to get bullied ?
  • Even in class Jaylen doesn't talk nor does he participate in group work.
  • As soon as you go home you are going to work on getting us a 100%
  • You are a prodigy right? it should be easy
  • The one thing that Jaylen has from his father is his necklace which turned Jaylen into a smart kid, Trevor and Lucas take advantage of this and threaten to take it if they don't get good grades.
  • The class knows about this but pretends not to see it as they wouldn't want to be in Trevor's place.
  • Jaylen's family moved so that they can get a fresh start in a new town.
  • I'm going to try my best