Bridge to Terabithia by Hayden Merritt

Updated: 3/26/2021
Bridge to Terabithia by Hayden Merritt

Storyboard Text

  • Setting
  • In the 1970’s, a new family moves in next to Jess Aaron's house. They live in a rural area called Large Creek,Virginia. The daughter of the family, Leslie, is in Jess' class in school.
  • Jess doesn't like Leslie at first because she seems very strange. All the same, he stands up for her when she wants to race the other boys. Leslie takes the lead and took the title from of fastest kid away from Jess. This started the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
  • Leslie and Jess create a new land in the woods. They become fast friends and rule as king and queen of Terabithia. At school, the two stick together against the bully, Janice Avery.
  • After a heavy rainstorm, the water level rises. Jess goes on an adventure with Miss Edmunds. Leslie tries to cross the bridge into Terabithia, but the rope breaks beneath her. She fell into the water and Leslie drowned sadly.
  • Jess grieves for his lost friend. He realizes that Leslie has changed him in many ways. It is hard for him to adjust to life after her death. He can’t imagine living life without her.
  • In memory of Leslie, Jess builds a new, safer bridge to Terabithia out of lumber. After he has finished his mission, Terabithia welcomes a new queen, his sister May Belle.