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Industrial Revolution
Updated: 1/8/2020
Industrial Revolution
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  • Before the industrial revolution began Britain was a rural country. Most of people lived in the same village for their whole lives and farmed for a living. It was a harsh lifestyle and there was low life expectancy with very little pay.
  • In the early industries of the Industrial revolution many started to produce goods at home. Many of them would make candles and textiles. This allowed them to make their own hours and provide a steady income. The whole family could help too!
  • Come buy buy my candles for $5 each
  • The enclosure movement: Many wealthy landowners bought common farmland. Only a small handful were kept to work the fields because the wealthy landowners used more effective farming methods. The result of this was many villagers lost their jobs and were forced to move to cites
  • OH NO! what will we do!
  • We must move to the city so I can look for a job!
  • I am going to buy your farmland
  • The loss of jobs for many farmers allowed them to move to cities to look for jobs. This increase in people looking for jobs allowed a rise of the factory system.
  • I got a job at a cotton mill and now I get good pay.
  • Many new innovations were invented including the steam engine, the increasing use of cotton, and more effective iron. These inventions allowed for a huge profit. Now because of these innovations many of the new machines could be fueled by water power and coal. Britain also had a strong economy and political stability. All of these things allowed the industrial revolution to be begin in Britain.
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