French Revolution
Updated: 11/7/2018
French Revolution
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  • The people of the 3rd estate were suffering a great deal. Their crop was dying...
  • The rain had once again ruined our crop! What are we to do for money?
  • Your highness; King Louis XVI, it seems we're greatly in debt. It seems as though we are bankrupt.
  • ...The people in the 1st and 2nd estate were ignoring the problems they had created and pushed them on to those with already so little...
  • Jacques Necker, the debt is not ours to pay but those of the the third estate. With the high taxes we can make the money back easy.
  • But your highness we're also losing money because no one wishes to trade with us due to our previous conflicts.
  • ...and kept pushing...
  • We swear an oath that we will not leave till king Louis gives us all of our demands!
  • You don't seem to get it Necker. it does not matter the nobles are fine. It's not our burden to bare our money is safe. But just to be sure I'll set up a meeting to increase the taxes for the 3rd estate.
  • They are all lovely but none of those will do. I must purchase new ones!
  • ... While the rich thew money away on jewelry and never had to pay any taxes...
  • Queen Marie Antoinette, I have brought you the jewels that you recently purchased which would you like to wear today?
  • We shall increase taxes on the 3rd estate! Well of course God himself sent me to rule!
  • ... The 3rd estate is furious with how France is being governed. They have no control over anything that happens in there country...
  • Very good plan your majesty.
  • What?We don't want this. We aren't here to clean up the messes you made!
  • ... Enough was enough, the 3rd estate came together and formed a new Parliament of there own the "National Assembly". All of this sparked the french revolution...
  • We demand a say in our fate! We demand a constitution be signed! We demand fair taxes!
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