PIG part 3
Updated: 1/11/2021
PIG part 3

Storyboard Text

  • Well the federal government still controls trade regulation, coining money, declaring war, making treaties, and overseeing the armed forces.
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  • Huh...those are a lot of responsibilities, what are some federal powers?
  • Well actually levying taxes is one of the concurrent powers. Concurrent powers are the responsibilities shared between the state and federal governments. 
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  • Hmm...fascinating! Which level of government controls taxes?
  • Both governments control the courts, the making and enforcement of laws, building road, and chartering banks.
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  • Oh cool! What are some other concurrent powers?
  • Constitution Café
  • Exactly, and the federal government provided additional support through supplying sate's with medical equipment and more recently handling the distribution of the new vaccines.
  • So because of federalism state governments initially had control over when they went into quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, right?
  • It is so cool how federalism manages to divide power between both the state and the federal government. The federal government is meant to act as our central source of authority and their decisions act as a unifier of the states since we have to follow them as a country. The decisions of a state government still affect the American people though. The state laws are what dictate multiple aspects of your life and federalism enables for a variation in regulations and laws across state lines in order to accommodate for differing cultures. Federalism really is essential to the functionality of our government... now nothing can stop my wedding!
  • And because of federalism!! I DO in honor of federalism and my beautiful wife!
  • Oh Mary I love you but wait for him to finish!!
  • We are gathered here today because of Mary and Mira's love--