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Module Four Lesson two storyboard
Updated: 9/21/2020
Module Four Lesson two storyboard
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  • Capri moved to New York with her best friend Paige for a new job.They have been living in New York for 2 months now and Capri still doesn't have a job.Capri has been very anxious as to if she want to apply for a new job opening as the fashion blogger for Vogue.She has a really bad habit of always wanting to know the outcome of something.Her uncertainty character trait has effected her mentally since she has moved in.
  • Hello my name is Capri.I live in New York city with my friend Paige.We just moved in two months because we wanted to look for our dream job.
  • Hello,I am Capri's roommate Paige who also just moved in with her 2 months ago for our dream job.
  • Capri has been sitting on the couch debating whether she shoud apply for the job or not. Paige her roommate has not been helpful in helping her make the decision.Paige is always about herself and her own needs that she has not taken the time to realize Capri's struggle with the unknown of something.
  • I don't know what to do Paige.Should I apply or not.
  • I don't know.You need figure it out on your own.I am not here to help you make life long decisions.
  • Capri applied for the job anyway though she has been very anxious since her friend has discouraged her not to apply.
  • Capri did an interview after her first week of applying for the job. And she got the job since she has been wanting since she was little girl.Capri knew that if she wanted the job she had overcome certain things that she struggles with like the outcome of things and uncertainty of things.She took a leap of faith.
  • Capri has had some challenges with her work ever since she got as always anxious whether her work is worth being published for so many people to read it.Though she has thought of not to think of all the bad things all the time, she has the first few weeks at her job always been working about the uncertainty of her work.
  • Though Capri didn’t what the know the outcome of her new job would be like she has so far really enjoyed her job as the fashion blogger for Vogue.She learned to take the steps necessary to overcome her insecurity about certain situations and to always be trustful of what her mind is saying to her and her heart.Capri has learned to not always be caught up in the moment of the unknown and to just take a leap of faith, for it will lead us to a better situation than we thought or it might not, which is ok too because then it will teach us a lesson.Capri submitted her very first every written blog about fashion for Vogue and all her peers have loved it and thought it was so good. Capri became very proud of her hard work. You can’t accomplish something when you are caught up in the unknown and always anxious about what is gonna be the next step.
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