The Principles of the Government
Updated: 3/3/2021
The Principles of the Government

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  • 1. Consent of the Governed
  • 2. Limited Government
  • 3. Separation of Power and Checks and Balances
  • Principle 1 explains how the government is fueled by the people, so voters can reject voting for a president.
  • 4. Popular Sovereignty
  • This principle explains how the government is limited, and can only do things that are "necessary" and "right", and says how the government can't
  • 5. Rule of Law
  • These principles explain how the branches of the government work and how they keep each other in check.
  • 6. Federalism
  • Principle 5 explains how the people are the ultimate source of government power like principle 1, it explains how government officials were voted by the people and can be rejected at any time.
  • This principle gives a set of procedures when someone has broken the law, it explains that nobody is above the law, someone can only be accused of a crime if there is clearly a law against it, and that all laws have to be good, fair, and just.
  • Principle 4 explains how the federal government and state governments work with each other to benefit the country, the national government deals with national problems, and the state governments deal with state problems.