Santa's monologue.

Updated: 9/18/2021
Santa's monologue.

Storyboard Text

  • I go to around the world once a year
  • Ho, ho, ho. I am Santa Claus
  • I usully give gifts to children.
  • When I am late, I often send the gifts with the wise men.
  • I sometimes recive help from God to distribute the gifts.
  • that is why I am generally fat.
  • When isn't crishmas,I normally eat a lot.
  • They don't know I am lactose intolerant
  • I rarely eat the cookies with milk that people give me.
  • I never pay my elves.
  • But, they always work without saying anything.
  • I am going to sleep. I seldom go to the bed late.
  • Good night, Santa.