Fahrenheit 451 Part 3
Updated: 1/31/2021
Fahrenheit 451 Part 3

Storyboard Text

  • Beaty tells Montag to go into his own house and burn everything he has. Montag and Beaty go into the house and Montag just can't burn his own stuff so he lets all of his anger out on Beaty. He turns around and starts to burn Beaty with the flamethrower. (Bradbury 119)
  • Right after Montag gets away from the hound he runs straight to Faber's house. Once he gets there Faber tells him he has to run, but first, he should burn everything he has and rub everything else down with alcohol. SO once he is done with that he gets a pair of Fabers old clothes and runs to the river. (Bradbury 125)
  • Montag and Granger are watching "Montag" getting chased on tv all over the city. They finally find him even tho it is just a normal person going out for a walk at night. They put him in a cage and kill him. (Bradbury 144)