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Updated: 4/10/2020
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  • Andrew Jackson should not be on the 20 dollar billSOURCES:https://thehill.com/opinion/finance/462402-six-reasons-to-leave-andrew-jackson-on-the-20-billhttps://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/06/18/why-the-u-s-government-needs-to-remove-andrew-jackson-from-the-20-bill/
  • By Aiden Fricke Period 8
  • Hey dude! I was I was just learning about Andrew Jackson in History class last period and we were talking about if he should or should not be on the 20 dollar bill and I told my teacher he should be replaced on the 20 dollar bill.
  • Yes but the last reason why that I just came up with was the states rights. It gave rights to the individual states instead of the federal Government. That could have been a bad idea because the federal government knows more than the states and people will go for whoever not who will be the best America
  • I totally agree with you. He did so many things wrong. For example the Jacksonian Democracy which was a movement for more democracy in American Government in the 1830s. He was on the Democracy side so he tried to almost make the whole united states of America to be democrats and that could have gone wrong since there were people who had other political views.
  • Oh Yes. I totally agree with you. Another thing that he did that I think wasn't the best idea was the war on banks. It was a political issue that developed over ab issue. This was a really bad idea because by making more banks they needed more money and they couldn't make that much so banks could go empty
  • Im glad we could both agree that he didn't deserve to be on the twenty dollar bill
  • Yeah same and we also have evidence and facts to back it up.