The pandemic
Updated: 5/27/2020
The pandemic

Storyboard Text

  • Friend i miss you so much, everyone was telling me that you were not going back.
  • I miss you too, I can't understand how i lost a pandemic
  • The saddest thing aboutthis time was discrimination against doctors, people said that they trasmit the virus and miraculously after all this, the news said we managed to find the cure
  • It was very crazy thank goodness we found the cure on time
  • Tell me everything that happened
  • It all started in China and the virus spread around the world. After the authorities understood that it was dangerous, they decided to take measures such as forcing us to stay home.
  • Colombia!
  • And for what time?
  • Only for a 6 months. Reason why the study and the work became virtual, there were many crises and the poverty in differents areas of the contry was noticed
  • And meanwhile i was happy and free on mars how amazing
  • After much concern and think the worst
  • Oh what joy and what country found the cure?
  • No one had told me which country had found it