Updated: 3/11/2020
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  • underling causes
  • long ways away
  • look at them over there
  • no one expects the Spanish inquisition
  • short term causes
  • im going to need a drink. wait tea is taxed now!
  • tiger cause
  • being so far away from the british
  • how did they organise
  • increased taxes called the stamp act
  • key event 1
  • and there goes another
  • quickly the sun is rising
  • extremely violent reactions to protesters
  • key event 2
  • using pre-existing systems like fire departments and the mail
  • we are starting a revolution tell everyone
  • ok
  • the Boston tea party was when the american colonists dumped all the tea into the ocean to send a message to the British about their taxes
  • the Boston massacre an argument between a wig maker and a British soldier turned into a group of people insulting the British soldiers who in response started firing into the crowd
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