A Journey Through The Carbon Cycle
Updated: 12/7/2020
A Journey Through The Carbon Cycle

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  • Hello! Today I'm going to be showing you my interesting journey as a carbon atom
  • What a lovely plant
  • Now this is cool
  • As a carbon atom my job is to release the energy that's in food then organisms break down the carbon compounds. This a process called respiration. In simpler words I like to say I am released then cycle my way around into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. Now we have to find a nice plant. Let's go
  • When I enter this plant the process of photosynthesis will begin. During this process plants use the energy from the sun to form oxygen and glucose from carbon dioxide and water. This glucose that is produced helps build energy and plant tissue, later on oxygen is released. Doesn't it feel great helping out.
  • Then as animals consumes these plants I travel into these animals bodies. How cool right! Animals consume these plants so they can get their energy for the day.
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