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Updated: 9/30/2021
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  • Fine i'll do it, but I haven't shot a gun in years.
  • Jem and Scout run towards the house there is a mad dog on the loose!
  • Scout run to the porch, Cal is over there!
  • I'm runnin Jem!
  • Ruff!
  • Sir hurry and shoot the mad dog before it gets closer.
  • Sir, I haven't shot a gun in years. I'm afraid that I will miss. I'm afraid you're gonna have to shoot the mad dog.
  • You'll be fine, just don't panic.
  • Calpurnia keep them inside where it's safe! Idon't want them to get hurt.
  • Be careful Atticus!
  • Will do Mr. Finch. Jem and Scot head on inside.
  • BANG!