Social studies

Updated: 9/21/2021
Social studies

Storyboard Text

  • Stable Food Supply
  • I found bunnies. We will not starve today! Come with me bunnies.
  • Labor and jobs
  • Go on and hunt arrow I will raise the bunnies the bunnies
  • Yes master bunnie
  • Adv. technology
  • Come here
  • I found bunnies! I will have food forever!
  • Art and entertainment
  • Oh oh oh come on raise your spirit!
  • I will raise the bunnies and dig a hole for the bunnies while other people hunt.
  • Writing
  • I am BORED!
  • I will stab a deer with a spear I made
  • Government
  • Don’t Listen To Her!!!!
  • I will make up a dance to entertain myself
  • I will write tally marks on the wall for how many days I have been trying to survive
  • ,I will be the leader and others will follow me or come to me
  • Ladies stop