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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/17/2018
Unknown Story
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  • Herbert and his father play chess while they are waiting for their visitor. His father doesn't seem that clever and is very easily distracted. The fire illuminated the room for lighting and a very good wide shot shows everything in the room.
  • Mr. White starts telling Morris a story about when he got a monkey's paw in India and you get 3 wishes granted. Mr. White asks Morris if he can have the paw but he says no because it's really doesn't work. and it may cause trouble. Morris throws the paw into the fire but Mr. White retrieves it from the fire and grants his first wish to be 200 £. This was a medium shot
  • The next day everything appears normal until Mr. White and Mrs. White get the news from a man that Herbert got caught in the machinery at work and died. The man compensated them with 200 £. This was a medium sized shot.
  • That night Mrs. White has a "stunning" idea. She wants to use one of her last 2 wishes to bring back her dead son Herbert. Mr. White disagrees but Mrs. White somehow persuades his to wish. They use lots of shadowing and a narrow shot to create suspense.
  • Mrs. and Mr. White suddenly hear loud knocking on their window. They both realize it's Herbert from the dead. Mrs. White quickly wants to open the door so he can come in but Mr. White knows for a fact that its the wrong move. He knew he needed to act quick. This was a narrow shot with lots of intense scene such as the candle being blown out.
  • Mr. White had a brilliant idea of using the last wish from the monkey's paw to send his son back to the dead because he knows that something really bad is going to happen if he lets him in. He made the wish just in time before Mrs. White opened the door. There were again lots of shadows and wide shot to make it instense
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