Updated: 6/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • So Christof, I saw your new movie The Truman Show and absolutely loved it!
  • Some where in LA...
  • You don't say...
  • The phrase should be given to you Plato! You know... I based the movie off your Allegory of the Cave, right?
  • Oh yeah... I can see that!
  • Yeah! ever since Truman was a child he's been like one of those characters in your "cave"
  • His entire life, everyone he knew, were all but mere shadows!
  • Unable to see his past reality the same anymore!
  • And once he began figuring out his world's "patterns", that was when he escaped the cave!
  • Bingo! Exactly!
  • Wait what...
  • Wait but what about the fact that you and your crew tried to kill him?..
  • HA! Funny you said that because I'm getting charged for attempted murder