Marta forms of government
Updated: 2/5/2020
Marta forms of government
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  • Monarchy
  • I am your king do as i say!
  • Democracy
  • I think we should trash cans to recycle! I like the rose idea!
  • Those are all great ideas! We will consider them all when making the community garden!
  • I think we should add flowers, Roses!
  • Well i think we should make the roses red!
  • Dictatorship
  • I am your leader now, and you cant do anything about it! Now you will do as i say!
  • A Monarchy is a type of government ruled by monarchs (kings and queens). 2 different types: Absolute monarchy (have absolute power) and constitutional monarchy (more of a figure less power).
  • Communism
  • That's not really fair! I'm a doctor, i work 12 hour shifts every day! I save lives! and i get paid the same as him! He is a janitor at a school, he works 2 hours a day! That's not really fair!
  • A democracy is a type of government in which people get the right to make the decision not only leaders. There are 2 types of democracy: direct (people directly choose what happens, they are involved in the decisions), Representative (people choose representatives to make the decisions for them).
  • Oligarchy
  • Well we are incharge now because we are richer than all of you! So you will do as we say!
  • When 1 person or a group of people  take power without any limitations The people don’t get to vote on who is their leader, and can’t stop the dictator
  • Anarchy
  • Poor thing! Be careful!
  • Ooo! I can finally rob a bank! Wait they are all closed! I´ll just rob her!
  • Communism is a type of government in which nobody owns enything, everything is owned by everyone. Everyone is paid the same amount of money no matter what job they have.
  • I'm fine with this system!
  • Small group of people take control for selfish unreasonable or corrupt reasons.
  • A anarchy is a type of government in which there is no Government or law, there is no figure leading to lack of obedience.
  • Mommy!
  • Ahh! This is a disaster! No government!
  • Ahhhhhh!
  • There is no law saying i can't! There are no rules!
  • You can't do that!
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