While You're in the World
Updated: 6/2/2020
While You're in the World

Storyboard Description

A girl with depression from a hateful dad and hardly any friends meets a boy who shows her what it's like to be loved

Storyboard Text

  • Mourning is the name of the girl because her Dad hates her since her mother died while giving birth to her
  • "I love your name because mornings are new beginnings. And every morning there's going to be a sunrise and when I look at the sunrise I'll think of the love of my life."
  • Fast forward: Morning's dad forces her to break up with him even though she loves him.
  • Orpheus sneaks into her room and begs her to take him back and she explains her Dad forced her to. And then her dad catches them and kicks her out of the house so she moves in with her friend.
  • He asks her if she wants him to stay or go and she says go and they decide they should just end things and then maybe pick back up again when he gets back.
  • She decides that she can't live without him and chases him down moments before his plane leaves and confesses her loves for him. He then asks her to go with him and she says yes.