The Broken Blade by Yerosat Petrose, Hour 4
Updated: 2/27/2020
The Broken Blade by Yerosat Petrose, Hour 4

Storyboard Text

  • Bonjour! My name is Pierre!
  • Pierre LaPage is going to become a voyageur becuause he needs to trade goods, and to trade.Also he has a father at home that has a bad deep cut wound in his thumb, so he needs to go to be a voyageur for his father also.He also was at the age to go out and be a voyageur.He is leaving his family, friends, and school behind.
  • Pierre LaPage left St. Annes´ church to be a voyageur. He left a little donation and went to meet some other voyageurs. He goes of into the ocean. He fells a little under the weather. His back were full of welts that hurts him badly. But at least he prays for him to be safe.He is sometimes home sick for his family and Celeste.
  • Pierre LaPage went out to the rapids. The water levels were extremely high. There was a big rapid in the river, but Pierre and his crew mates prayed to their own religion.
  • Pierre LaPage is going to Jean Beloit, but in the middle of Lake Superior is horrible. The lake is having a big wave coming behind them. They´re shivering like its winter. Pierre is more scared than ever.
  • Pierre LaPage is FINNALY at Grande Portage. He is attending a rendezvous with all the other voyageurs. Then Pierre meet Mukwa. They immiedietly clicked and became very close friends.
  • Pierre LaPage left Grande Portage and is off to his cabin. When he was eight his grandfather in France perished, but he was eight so he didn´t understood mother´s mourning cries. He was told he was wise and noble. But it has ben five years so he kind of understood. Now Pierre is going off to be a voyageur and met a new friend, Mukwa. So everything is iunder control.