Cherokee Indians
Updated: 1/23/2020
Cherokee Indians
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  • I am from the Cherokee Tribe. A very large Native American tribe that originally settled in the southeast portions of the United State
  • The Cherokee were southeastern woodland Indians, and in the winter they lived in houses made of woven saplings, plastered with mud and roofed with poplar bark...
  • The removal, or forced emigration, of Cherokee Indians occurred in 1838, when the U.S. military and various state militias forced some 15,000 Cherokees from their homes in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee and moved them west to Indian Territory
  • We eat deer (venison), bear, buffalo, elk, squirrel, rabbit, opossum and other small game and fish. We also eat corn, squash and and beans supplemented with wild onions, rice, mushrooms, greens, berries and nuts.
  • Cherokee is polysynthetic, the only Southern Iroquoian language, and it uses a unique syllabary writing system. As a polysynthetic language, Cherokee is highly different from Indo-European languages such as English, French, or Spanish
  • In the past, each Cherokee band was led by one war chief and one peace chief. Cherokee chiefs were chosen by a tribal council. A traditional tribal chief is the leader of a tribe, or the head of a tribal form of government. A tribal chief is also called a Chieftain.
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