Achievements of the Hellenistic Age - Storyboard

Updated: 10/7/2021
Achievements of the Hellenistic Age - Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • We looove perfection here!
  • I actually practice posing before I go to bed every night!
  • Our Parthenon structure, our sculptures of people in their most graceful form!
  • Our arts are tough to explain. But they're certainly fun to look at!
  • I quite enjoy comedies! Not a big fan of tragedies though. They're too sad!
  • I quite enjoy dramas made by my favorite playwrights!
  • My name's Alexander the Great! Well, nowadays, they call me Alexander the Dead.
  • Although my empire stank, I made quite an impact on Greek society!
  • I named a bunch of cities after myself because I have an ego problem!
  • I conquered Persia and spread culture around the continent!
  • Women in this age can learn to read and write, and we're no longer restricted to our homes! Plus we can do a few jobs! We've been waiting for centuries to have rights!
  • Mama? I'm hungwy!
  • Ask Daddy, please!
  • I have devised a formula to calculate the sides of a triangle!
  • I could write a book with this information!
  • I think the Earth actually rotates around the Sun! It's a shame no one listens to me...
  • Fear not, child people! I vow to find the cure for your ailments!
  • GROAN!