Updated: 1/15/2020
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  • And then wham! The arrow...
  • Sacagawea was born on 1788 or 1789. she lived with her family until at age 12...
  • Fun Fact! Before kidnapping Sacagawea, The NA were hunting buffalo.
  • Let me have your girl! Or else...
  • The hunters killed, kidnapped and fought to the whole tribe. Sacagawea doubted she would ever see her family again .
  • Um.. No?
  • After being kidnapped, Sacagawea was sold to a french trader who made her his wife.
  • Yes!
  • Nobody truly know Sacagawea's birth date but we do know she had a sibling. Cameahwait later became the chief later when she gets to see her family again. Smoked Lodge was her father. She is his only child.
  • Young Lewis, I bought the land from the french but I would appreciate if thee could uncover the land..
  • Anything for you Thomas.
  • Sadly, when Sacagawea was around 12, she was kidnapped. Not only her, her whole tribe was broken apart, by her tribe's enemy's, Hidatsa Native Americans. After that no hope was left in Sacagawea to ever see her even one of her family's faces again.
  • Well Lewis, do you have a crew?
  • Lewis was hired to go and reach the pacific Ocean and discover some land.
  • How many languages do you speak?
  • We would like you to join us . On more thing. Are you able to find horses and food?
  • Do you pledge to marry this wonderful woman......
  • Of course I can. I will join you.,
  • Two. Shoshone and Hidisatsa, both fluently. Why?
  • After a long time being in France, Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd president of America, had bought the Louisiana territory from the french, he asked Meriwether Lewis to go and discover more of the land in the Louisiana territory.
  • Meriwether Lewis and William Clark had known each other from back in the military. After two months of their expedition they met Sacagawea and Charbonneau.
  • Sure I do. Now I just need someone to find horses and food. 
  • Not only did they need someone to find horses and food, they also needed an interpreter. This is how they met Charbonneau, Sacagawea's husband, and even though he was to serve as interpreter, Sacagawea took his place instead.
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