the most dangers game

Updated: 9/15/2021
the most dangers game

Storyboard Text

  • exposition: rainforest is a big game hunter who is traveling to the amazon forest when at night he hears gun shots and when to go looking for them but fall off the boat and swim to a unknow inland
  • conflict: rainforest finds a building two people greet him a servant named Ivar and the other general zaroff they invite rainforest inside and offers him food, clothes and a bed
  • rising Acton: rainforest must survived for 3 days. He set three traps to out run the general and his bloodthirsty hounds
  • climax: Rainsford is cornered so he jumps off a cliff into the sea he survives the fall and he go wait for zaroff in his house
  • falling action: Rainsford ambush zaroff and they have a duel presumably rainsford kills zaroff and zaroff body got fed to the hounds
  • Resolution: Zaroff is dead and Rainfords is alive. Rainfors sleeps zaroff bed