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Changing Ideas of Culture
Updated: 10/1/2020
Changing Ideas of Culture
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Unit 1 Portfolio ASsignment

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  • I will need to prepare food, water and gold for King Mansa Musa to trade. It may take a year or more so we will need gold and salt!
  • Prepare the camels and the caravan to make our long journey on the TransSaharan trade route.
  • Please come with us as we go on the Silk Road to trade our goods of silk and rice.
  • From China to India I will share the Buddhist religion to people in other countries.
  • As a priest and missionary I will share our religions with the people of the east.
  • In India merchants must use the rivers, oceans and seas to trade. We also travel on the Silk Road.
  • Eventually trade spread and the Old World began to cross the Ocean in sailing ships to trade with the New World.
  • goldrisesaltfoodplants
  • Society exchanges many things. Religion, animals, crops, foods, ideas, tools, disease and slavery. Some of these things were good for society but things like slavery and disease were not.
  • Native Americans and Old World peoples got diseases that they had not seen before. lots of humans and animals have died
  • New plants and animals changes the land and their diets. New ideas changed our culture and religion.
  • We called it the COlumbian Exchange
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