to kaden
Updated: 2/13/2020
to kaden

Storyboard Text

  • "But he never got around to that, either, and Brian and I watched, the hole for the Glass Castle's foundation slowly filled with garbage." "Brian, who had read that primitive warriors...hung Rufus by its tail..."
  • "...we now had a weird-looking half-finished patched job-- one that announced to the world that the people who inside the house wanted to fix it up but lacked the gumption to get the work done."
  • "...I played football with the boys, who would waive their guys-only rule and let me join a team if they were short a player."
  • "We ain't use to getting visitors."
  • "When the oldest boy found their dad's old's pump-action shotgun under their mom's, he decided to get in some target practice on Brian and me, firing buckshot at us as we ran for our lives through the woods."
  • "One night I saw a car pull up in front of the pastor house and blink its headlights twice."
  • "Ginnie Sue offered us seats at the table."