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Updated: 10/9/2020
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  • Two small towns have a rivalry. They hate each other because back in 1990, a teanager named johnney thought it would be funny to vandalize the whole town overnight, these towns have a very deadly rivalry. If you get caught in their town you get shot. People prayed that no one would ever do this again. Johnny was used as a negative rule model in school still to this day, 10 years later. People now went on with their lives and worked happily and there was no feuds between the two towns.
  • we are going to attack the other village tomorrow
  • I have to tell my town.
  • Fast forward to 1999 a curious teenager-bobby , felt the need to sneak out and go to the other town. When he was there, sneaking around, he heard voices. They were planning an attack on the other town to get them back after what johnny did 9 years ago.
  • As soon as he heard this he ran back to the town, told everybody, and they got prepared: the day of the attack: they all set out and got ready to defend The other village shows up
  • they are attacking us!!!!!!!
  • They shoot and shoot and shoot at each other but no one dies except for when bobby decided to flank around. He was surprised as he went around the corner to see a ten year old boy-charles pointing a revolver right at him.
  • Bobby did not know what to do. The little boy let booby go. but as he was leaving the boys dad shot bobby from behind, but it just greadsed his arm. bobby shot back and hit the dad ,and as bobby was going to see who he shot he saw the kid charles laying there on the ground
  • bobby was filled with remorse and pain, bobby kept saying to himself that it was not his fault , later in days the towns went back to normal and bobby was still filled with remorse for the rest of his life. He really regrets going out and being bad.
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