Active Shooter Emergency Plan - AYP School Age
Updated: 5/18/2020
Active Shooter Emergency Plan - AYP School Age

Storyboard Text

  • Safety during an Active ShooterBy: Tanya
  • Hi AYP friends! Let's go over some very important things to do if there is an Active Shooter.
  • "Popcorn inside!"We just got notified that there is an Active Shooter! Please stay calm and follow directions from the counselor.
  • If you can, move something heavy to block the door. Turn off the lights. We need to get out of sight and stay quiet.
  • Bookshelf, couch, table, chair, etc..
  • The bathrooms in each of our rooms are the safest place to be. There are no windows and we can hide quietly.
  • We checked the area and it is secure. You may bring the kids out now.
  • Stay hidden until we are told everything is safe by the police.
  • Yay! Thank you so much!
  • If we were outside......
  • "Popcorn outside!"Everyone, let's get inside!Once inside, we follow the same procedure as "Popcorn inside."