Visual Representation Act/Law
Updated: 2/14/2021
Visual Representation Act/Law

Storyboard Text

  • Hey John What is the Intolerable Act and Why did British Passed it?
  • The reason why they passed it was because the response of colonist resistance to the British rule made them angry.
  • Well Samuel first the Intolerable Act is an act that the British passed to punish the Massachusetts colony for their action on the Boston Tea Party.
  • Welcome to the Intolerable Act. Enjoy the Movie mUahahaha
  • Well James the problem the colonist had with this act is that it abused their rights,freedom, and liberty. Due to this they responded by uniting themselves and holding the First Continental Congress to discuss how to negotiate a unified approach to the British.
  • After knowing the definition of Intolerable acts Thomas. Why did the colonist's had problem with it and what was their reaction?
  • Repeal the Intolerable Act
  • Looks like these boys really want the Intolerable Act to be repealed and we must fight together as the 13 colonies against the cruel British Tyranny power and earn our Independence.