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Updated: 3/3/2020
Unknown Story

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  • At first, in world was chaos. Unitil the god of the love, Eros is born from the water, then in the chao, there were borned Gaia and Uranus, the Gaia is the mother of earth. The Uranus is the embodiment of the sky and the heavens. Tartarus, the god of the sunless and the bad places
  • Uranus and Gaia are marride, but the Uranus actually didn't want any children and babies, he don't ant born any babies. so he just kept the babies inside the Gaia their children name was Cronus and Saturn. But when the Cronus lie to the Gaia, she let the Cronus leave the Earth let him never back to the earth again, then the blade is dropped the sea near Cyprus, and foam formed, created the goddess Aphrodite.the Gaia and Uranus told hem his son's power will more th you one day.
  • because of that cronus had eat his children to let his power strong and strong, because of that he keeps his child inside the body, that was very let his wife Rhea so when his young son Zeus was born, so she ust take a stone hide him in to the clothes and send him far away to a place that without his father's control. when the Zeus grow up he come bake and with his sister and brothers together killed his father。 Zeus take his brothers and sisters come out the chaos, an give them to control differents of gods.
  • his brother Poseidon, he gave the rule of theSea.Hera wasgoddess of Marriage and Childbirth
  • Demeter became a goddess of Fertility
  • Hades, one of hisother brothers, was made god of the Underworld.
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