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American Revolution
Updated: 10/9/2020
American Revolution
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  • How will we ever get out of the debt from the war?!
  • Sir I have been informed that we are officially out of money.
  • Yes and more taxes on sugar is perfect since basically everything has sugar!
  • Hey, our group thought about it, and what if we over taxed the colonists
  • Great idea! After that one is protested, then the townshend act will be next.
  • Since they protested the sufgar act out, how about we make a stamp act
  • Britain wins the French and Indian War and France gives up its land in North America.After the war, Britain is in debt and has no money.
  • So, the King and Parliament come up with a way to make their money back by taxing the colonists. Finally, in 1763, Britain passes the Sugar Act trying to force colonists to buy high-priced British sugar and stop smugglers.
  • 5. In 1765, Britain passes the Stamp Act, requiring a tax on all paper goods, including playing cards and newspapers.6. In 1767, Britain passes the Townshend Acts, putting taxes on glass, tea, paper, and lead goods.
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