Andrew Jackson examples
Updated: 2/9/2021
Andrew Jackson examples

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  • The Wedding
  • Rachel and Andrew were married in 1794 on January 18th... Rachel was married before and there was some scandal. The press was vicious with her and some say she died of a broken heart.
  • Oh's my old husband!
  • We'd like to welcome baby Andrew to the Jackson family
  • Pet Bank
  • National Bank
  • I'll show Biddle who's in charge
  • 13
  • Get out of my pond!!!
  • I'll show the British who is boss...
  • Andrew Jackson...a war hero in both the Revolution and in 1812
  • Ow...darn it, Old Hickory!
  • Battle of New Orleans
  • Here lies Old Hickory...a great war hero, an enemy to Native Americans and a complicated president. May his soul rest easier than it did in life.
  • Here lies my body...but not my spirit
  • RIP