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Energy Pyramid
Updated: 9/17/2018
Energy Pyramid
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An example of what I kind of expect from students.

Storyboard Text

  • It's a beautiful day out here! Look there's a little science out here! Let's look a little closer!
  • Look at all of these grass! It's just everywhere. BUT! It's not just grass. It's a producer. Producers make their own food. Producers have a great population! However,  when the grass is eaten energy is transferred. Also, there's a loss of energy when that happens. This energy loss turns into heat waste.
  • See that rabbit eating that grass! Energy is being transferred at that very moment! That rabbit is a primary consumer, which means it eats the producers. Primary consumers eat plants. Now, the population of primary consumers are a little smaller than our producers, but it's greater than our next level.
  • There you go! See science is all around you! Sometimes, you just have to look a little closer to see it!
  • Oh no! Here comes our secondary consumer! Energy is going to be transferred again! Our secondary consumers eat our primary consumers. The snake will eat the rabbit. Energy is lost during this exchange. The population of the secondary consumer is getting smaller.
  • And finally, here is our tertiary consumer! The hawk will eat the snake. Once again, energy is transferred. The tertiary consumer's population is much smaller than the others.
  • Want to see it as an energy pyramid? 
  • High
  • Energy
  • Low
  • Primary Consumers
  • Secondary Consumers
  • Tertiary Consumers
  • Producers
  • Small
  • Population
  • Large
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