Updated: 1/12/2021

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  • The AoC was the US's first constitution. The AoC was considered a league of friendship between the states because power was primarily held by the states' govt's. It was created like this to give the people/states more freedom than Britain.
  • The weaker the government the happier and freer the people are!
  • One significant weakness of the AoC was that it could not tax the citizens. This caused the government to quickly run out of money, requiring them to make more.
  • Haha no more taxes!!
  • One other problem with the AoC is that the missing taxation forced the government to create more money to prevent them from losing money, making the inflation rates go up
  • It seems we never run out of money!!
  • The Northwest Ordinance was proposed to admit western lands into states. A territory would be lead by a governor appointed by congress until it reached a pop. of 5,000 free males, then by 60,000 people, it would then become a state
  • We're going to move to the newest western state!
  • One right the people living in the west had was freedom of religion. Slavery was also outlawed by the NW Ordinance.
  • I do too
  • I love living in the west
  • Shays' rebellion happened because the gov't raised taxes and it hit farmers the most. They refused to be taxed and started a rebellion. Many people then realized that the AoC was weak because it enabled the rebellion.
  • We have so many taxes now!!! Especially when compared to non-farmers! its not fair!!
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