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Updated: 6/14/2019
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Exploits of Maui: Snaring the Sun

Storyboard Text

  • Ordinary World
  • Finally finished, just have to wait for them to dry..
  • Call To Adventure
  • The sun moves way too quickly, my mothers cloths take forever to dry.. I need to slow down the sun
  • Ugh, the suns down already and they're not nearly dry
  • Approach To The Inmost Cave
  • Haha you can't stop me, the people need me to regulate their food and seasons
  • You move much too swiftly, I will snare every one of your rays until you agree to move slower
  • Maui's mother makes kapa cloths that need to dry under the sun.
  • Supreme Ordeal
  • However, Maui's mother complains that the sun moves too quickly for the cloths to dry. Out of pity for his mother, Maui decides that he wants to slow down the sun.
  • Reward
  • Fine, I will make a deal
  • He climbs to the top of Haleakala Volcano and waits for the sun to rise. When the sun appears, Maui begins snaring the sun's rays. The sun laughs and declares that he cannot be stopped.
  • Return With The Elixir
  • With this remark, Maui begins beating the sun with a club, and threatens to kill him.
  • The sun agrees to make a deal. He will travel slowly for half of the year to help the people, but the other half of the year he will move as he pleases.
  • For half of the year, I will travel slowly to help people grow food, fish, and hunt; the other half of the year I will travel as I please
  • This is why we now have different seasons with various days in length.
  • And that is how Maui slowed the sun
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