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Updated: 3/4/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Salve! Looks like we got a lot to do here, lets get to work! My names Marc by the way.
  • Do you know your name? What happened?
  • My name is Alexa and I got caught in a door. And what does salve mean?
  • Salve means hello in Latin, and I will be one of your doctors. My name is Marcus.
  • Well in Latin girls names end with "A" and boys names end with " US" so sense we were taking about latin you can call him Marcus.
  • Hey, I thought you said your name was Mark?
  • A new doctor sum, and it seems like you got a cut in your leg and a broken arm.
  • Well Alexa, sum is another word in Latin and it means " I am" .
  • OH NO!! Well my names Alexa, what does sum mean?
  • Cool! Can I learn a little bit more about Latin before I go into surgery?
  • Sum goes after the name and not before. The verb goes at the end of the sentence.
  • Sure! hospitium means hospital. The word Cool means frigus.
  • Those are some frigus facts and I love this hospitium!
  • Latin is a very fun thing to learn and you are already starting to use some words!
  • Alright well tempus is ticking so let's get you into surgery.
  • WAIT! Before I go into surgery I wanted to say thanks for letting me learn all these cool Latin things! Also what does tempus mean?
  • Tempus means time. See you when your out of surgery!