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Mercutio's speech
Updated: 4/28/2020
Mercutio's speech
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  • She rides around in a wagon drawn by tiny little atoms. The spokes of her wagon are made of spiders' legs. The cover of her wagon is made of grasshoppers' wings.
  • In this royal wagon, she rides every night through the brains of lovers and makes them dream about love. She rides over courtiers' knees, and they dream about curtsying. She rides over lawyers' fingers, and right away, they dream about their fees. She rides over ladies' lips, and they immediately dream of kisses.
  • Zzzz
  • Sometimes she tickles a priest’s nose with a pigs tail, and he dreams of a large donation.
  • Sometimes she rides over a soldier’s neck, and he dreams of cutting the throats of foreign enemies, of breaking down walls, of ambushes, of Spanish swords, and of enormous cups of liquor.
  • She is the same Mab who tangles the hair in horses' manes at night and makes the tangles hard in the dirty hairs, which bring bad luck if they’re untangled.
  • Mab is the old hag who gives false sex dreams to virgins and teaches them how to hold a lover and bear a child.
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