Act III scene i & ii
Updated: 2/10/2020
Act III scene i & ii

Storyboard Text

  • I don't love you go to a nunnery !
  • Oh lord !
  • I want to see the look on King Claudius face when the play goes on.
  • I will do as you say. 
  • "' Give me some lights. Away!""
  • After Rosencrantz and Guildrenstern told Polonius that they didn't have a response to why Hamlet behavior changed Polonius,would spy on Ophelia and Hamlet when they talk to each other. Hamlet would deny his love for Ophelia.
  • Hamlets plan is on its way as the play is about to happen, but tells Horatio that when the play happens he wants him to see the look on King Claudius face. This will prove if he is guilty or innocent of killing his own brother.
  • As the play went on, the murder scene arrived and King Claudius was angry and want to the leave play. Hamlet knows that King Claudius is guilty and murdered his father. Queen Gertude is angry and wants to talk to Hamlet.