Oh, My, LOVE
Updated: 5/8/2020
Oh, My, LOVE

Storyboard Text

  • Bye, Mom! I'll be back in a few hours!
  • I'll be fine without one bye!
  • Woof!
  • Wow! The last Day of Fall! It's probably going to snow! But it looks like Emma doesn't know that!
  • Bye, sweetie! Don't forget your jacket!
  • Although, I should have told Mom I got a job
  • Oh, no! Looks like it's raining! Emma really should have brought her jacket
  • Darn! It's raining!
  • BUZZ!
  • First day of work! Gotta get going.
  • Looks like she got a text
  • Emma
  • Oh, nothing.Just going to work
  • Hey! Whats up?
  • Thomas
  • Cool! Me too! See ya!
  • Emma