the outsiders
Updated: 1/27/2020
the outsiders
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  • Jhonny,Ponyboy,Sherri, and Marcia were walking back from the movies and talking about their past and about he greasers and socs when a blue mustang pulled up and scared Ponyboy and Jhonny. The girls didnt want anyone to get hurt so they went home with them. After that they didnt want to go home so they went to lay down for a bit and talk when the both accidently fell alseep. It was 2am and Ponyboy rushed home ...
  • When he went home his brothers were furious ,Darry was yelling at him because he was worried that the Socs would get him he wasnt thinking and Darry was so heated that he slaped Ponyboy right across the face. Ponyboy ran out and decided to run away with Jhonny.
  • They were walking and thye saw the blue mustang that tried to jump them walking home, It was the Soc. they went up the street then turned around and they all got out of the car they were mocking eachother until one of the socs walked up to Ponyboy and put his head in the water fountain.He was stuggling he couldnt tell what was happening to Jonny but when he was brought up out of the water there was blood every where. Jhonny killed one of the socs.
  • They didnt know where to go they were scared out of their minds but they went to find Dally. Dally was at a friends house but they went in and asked for him. The guy that answered the door called Dally over and they told him what happened and then thye were invited to where Dally had his stuff. Dallt gave them a Gun,50 dollars,and directions.
  • Dally told them to get on the train until they reached Windrixville, and find the jay mountains.He said there would be a church there where they could stay.When they got there they asked a farmer where the jay mountains were and he pointed ahead. in order to surrvive they had to go get a week of food and supplies.
  • They had to stay in the chruch for atleast a week before Dally came so they had to cut their hair and come up with a plan until then.
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