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Updated: 11/25/2020
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  • yorktown
  • As a child Alexander Hamilton had a very very hard life. His dad left and his mother died shortly after. After the death of his mother Alexander went to live with his cousin who ended up killing himself. Alexander had to fend for himself scamming for books, People saw how smart he was and was sent off to new York to get an education
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  • Alexander Hamilton, Lafayette, mulligan and laurens would not let the British take away their freedom. They were all major voices for the colonists and people would listen to them.
  • Cabinet battle #!
  • Hamilton and Laurens lead their men in the battle of Yorktown with bold strategies. They did not go into this blind tho as they had mulligan as a spy feeding them all the info they needed
  • The election of 1800
  • After the war Alexander Hamilton decided to go into law to weed out corruption and queel injustice wherever he found it. He saw many problems with the articles of confederation and looked for a solution he was called to the constitution convention where he had his case for the constitution and even asked his rival burr to write what the constitution is and why it is better but he refuses so Alexander James Madison and john jay right them instead it was at this time george washington asked alex to be in charge of the treasury
  • after being appointed treasury Alexander wanted to pool all the money of the US together and make a national bank. Jefferson and James Madison did not want to have a national bank so they fought against it. after they tried to tax whiskey there was a big rebblion that allowed the government to establish the power of the federal government through military means.At the same that was happening they had a sever national debt crisis as in they own a lot of money to a lot of people
  • Both burr and Jefferson were trying to get Alexanders endorsement because he was really really popular but in the end Alexander endorsed Jefferson because he actually has opinions and burr doesn't have any of his own
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