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story line
Updated: 10/11/2020
story line
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  • "who is there?"
  • '' you may pass but be careful there's someone near by''
  • '' can I go trough this gate''
  • "Hooooowl"yes but be careful thers somebody near''
  • ''may I to inside this house''
  • one day as I walk through the woods I had never seen or been to this place before but I felt like someone was following me but I needed to find my way home.
  • ''He's gonna capture you''
  • "Who is? Is that the person following me?"
  • '' just open your eyes'' or don't
  • As I continued walking up ahead I saw a figure standing by the doorway then passed through he gate and continued walking.
  • ''why are you following me'' huh what you mee-a-nn
  • As I walked there was a wolf was howling cause of the full moon and ask to enter the house as I did it was dark and I could not see.
  • "OMG, What a night mare!"
  • Then I was suddenly I was in a museum and saw a ghost and ask who was the person following me but suddenly my body started to feel hot.
  • ''Then it was a blur and I was in cave full of fire but then waiting at the exit was the person following me ''I ask why are you following me'' the response was weird but studently eyes started to see a bright light and.
  • Then I felt my body jerk and immediately opened my eyes realizing It was just a nightmary but wonder what the person meant by or don't open your eyes but was relived that I was home
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