Bjorn Bennett - 2nd set of storyboards

Bjorn Bennett  - 2nd set of storyboards

Storyboard Text

  • Parlament passes four laws that were so harsh to the extent that the colonists couldn't tolerate them, hence the name intolerable acts.
  • The colonists arn't cooperating. We will be passing four laws that will put the colonists in their place!!
  • The first continental congress demanded a repeal on the intolerable acts, and called for a boycott.
  • YA!!
  • I say we demand that they repeal the Intolerable Acts right away!
  • King George the lll now realized that things were getting out of hand in the colonies, so he gave the right to use force to regain power over the colonists.
  • you now have the right to use force to regain power over the colonists!
  • the colonists throw snowballs at the troops and that provokes them.
  • We don't like the Townshend Act!!
  • Back off!!
  • One of the British soldiers fired upon the colonists killing one, before many others began to shoot.
  • Hey! You can't do that!!
  • I shouldn't have done that...
  • The soldiers were tried in a jury, 5 colonists were killed in the event, and only two of the soldiers were charged with manslaughter.
  • YA!
  • On behalf of murder, i declare you, NOT guilty
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