Storyboard (A day in school)
Updated: 2/18/2021
Storyboard (A day in school)

Storyboard Text

  • Waking Up!
  • Ahh!
  • Going to School
  • OMG! ...
  • ME
  • When will this bus get to school...
  • I kissed Bobby!
  • Omg! Really!?
  • Homeroom
  • Date: 2-4-2019
  • Today's Lesson Plans,Workbook Pages 1-4
  • School PlayAuditions!1-2pm
  • I wake up..! My alarm clock scares me to death!
  • Classes (ELA)
  • Date: 2-4-2019
  • Conflict
  • Falling Action
  • School Dance!Friday 15th.3 dollars A ticket!
  • I take the bus to school... Kids are so LOUD!
  • Going home!
  • I get to homeroom, & chat with my friends a bit!
  • Home Again!
  • I get to class, & start to take notes on the lesson planned for today!
  • Falling action: What happens after the conflict. Character reflects on mistakes
  • Conflict: When the protagonist comes apon a challenge or something that gets in the way of her/his goal.
  • Lesson: 02.07 Conflicts & Falling action.
  • I also take the bus home.. But I usually take a quick nap on the bus.
  • Hey, wake up! Were almost there!
  • When I get home me and my family watch a movie/show together!