Email Ettiquette

Updated: 8/19/2021
Email Ettiquette

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  • DON'T SEND:Oye Mr.Abdul I frgt to do the quiz in for ur class lol I wasnt here, I was with my homie Shash studying for anther clss. I will turn it in tmmr ty ttyl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DO SEND:Dear Professor Abdul,I am sincerely sorry that I have missed the quiz that you offered us today, because I was with my comrade Shash tutoring him. May you give me the opportunity to finish the quiz during lunch break?
  • DON'T SEND:Hello Mr. Motha, how was your weekend? This weekend I had a burrito with my cousins, and family, I also went snowboarding with my best friends, it was so fun! You should try it sometime! On Saturday we also tried fried ice-cream with my grandparents, they absolutely loved it! That's about it for my weekend, anyways I was going to tell you that I cannot go to school tomorrow, because I have a doctor's appointment, Thanks.
  • Wow this email is unnecessarily long, I could doze off reading this.
  • DO SEND:Hello Mr. Motha, I wanted to inform you that I will not be in class tomorrow, because I have a doctor's appointment, may I have the materials for tomorrow's class?
  • Wow this is short and easy to read