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Updated: 1/23/2020
Unknown Story
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  • expositionThe day of the reaping Katniss and Gail Sit and talk outside of district 12 in the woods where they get Food like rabbit and Deer And Gail decides to tell katniss that they could just run away and survive in the forest And live off the food Of the animals But cat Katniss Does not want to leave her mother and her sister left behind in the district And Katniss knows that if she left That her mother Would fall into a depression Like one her father died in the coal mines .
  • Gale you know I cant do that my Mom would fall back into depression like see did with my Dad after he died in the mine field .
  • we can run away and never look back 
  • conflict introductionPrime and Katniss go to register for the reaping and they get lined up by the peacekeepers >Prime is only entered once due to the fact that she doesn't want prime to go out and fight but either way with prim chance she still get picked and that's when Katniss volunteers to go out into the arena .
  • rising actionThe Peace keepers announce that there could be two winning people only if there from the same district .So Katniss and gale put there differences aside and want to win .
  • RUN !
  • climaxInt his part of the book there's only 3 people left in the game katniss and gale and cato after gale and katniss kill the wild dogs gale get sneaked up on by cato and gets his knife to the neck but katniss shoot cato in the head with her spear thus the peace keeps saying that the rules have changed and now they can only be one winner for the hunger games thus this spiking an idea for katniss think abut them eating deadly poison berries .
  • falling actionAs katniss and gale are about to eat the wild berries the announcers announce that they don't have to do that that they can both go home .
  • If we eat theses poison berries they wont have victor and they wont have a Game to give to the world .
  • The rules have changed their now can only be one winner so you guys now have to fight to the death . GOOD LUCK.
  • resolutionOnce Katniss and peeta got back to the capitol They were greeted with a ceremony were they talk about their experience in the arena And talk about starting a life in their district.
  • Wow this is the first time ever in the hunger games history that there have been two winner you guys are really star crossed lovers
  • Yeah we're just happy to go back to our district and maybe start a family
  • When I saw her I knew i had just fallen in love and now that shes saved me i know what she's a keeper .
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