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comic script
Updated: 9/21/2018
comic script
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  • It is Easter Sunday there and people are walking into the church
  • Tyres runs to church eager for that it is easter sunday and he is participating by reading a bible verse in front of the whole church On his way to the churh he see his friend for sunday school
  • Nah, I'm chilling... I have a photographic memory so reciting the bible verse should be easy. Plus, I can't mess up, Ms. Jordan would kill me.
  • Hey Tyres, how do you think you're going to do today? I would be nervous if I were you.
  • In the classroom sister Jordan (Ruth) greets the class and ask them a question 
  • Sunday School
  • Good morning everyone, today is the big day. Is everyone ready?
  • Yes sister Jordan! I've been waiting for this day for what feels like forever.
  • Tyres puts his hands up eagerly and excited 
  • God is our savior
  • I am!!! As you know I have a great memory so I have been chosen to recite a bible verse.
  • Okay Tyres, You don't have to be so cocky about it 
  • Great! Is anyone preforming today?
  • Tyres has good memory, he was praised for it alot as a kid so he didnt see the need to memorize his lines as he thought it would beceasy for him 
  • God is our savior
  • Now that they have left, Tyres just go up there and do your best. But you know what happens if you forget your lines
  • Don't worry about it, I got this!
  • Rev. Matthews comes up to the stand and invites Tyres to recite his verse
  • Inner thoughts: I hope I don't mess up but hey lets do this
  • Today is Easter Sunday, and to start off this beautiful Sunday we have a bible reading from one of our kids in Sunday school. May brother Tyres come up please
  • By: Devon, Adreame, Daljit, and Kion
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