Andrew Jackson President
Updated: 3/16/2020
Andrew Jackson President

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  • Andrew Jackson shouldn't be on the $20 bill
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  • Anthony Martinez
  • The Jacksonian Democracy was when Andrew Jackson decided to give voting rights to white man. This is not good because voting should be left up to the government who knows what they are talking about
  • Andrew Jackson created the spoils system which is when he replaced 10% of Republicans in the office to soon put Democrats to help him. THis was bad because all democrats might agree with him which could be bad for the government and new laws they may have created.
  • Andrew Jackson heard that the natives have gold on their land, so Jackson wanted them to leave. It was unconstitutional, and he thought it was right. It was not right because he sided with states and not the federal government. 
  • Increase of tariffs occurred when Jackson had became president and it was called Tariff of Abominations. States had the right to reject a law that is considered unconstitutional. It was not smart because South Carolina threatened to leave the United States because they were not doing the right thing.
  • Jackson believed one bank should not have all financial control so he vetoed the renewal of the bank so it could be harder for them to stay open. It ended up closing as he opened state banks which ended up being a bad idea.